HS2 Academy

Building a Culture of Success

At HS2 Academy, we believe relationships built on trust in caring mentors is crucial in forging student success.

Our counselors and teachers, graduates of highly selective colleges themselves, are chosen based on their own track record of academic and career success. Moreover, we seek and retain mentors with a passion for education and who are firmly invested in seeing both academic and personal growth in their students.

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HS2 Academy is an authorized representative of UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara international programs.

A Comprehensive Education Strategy

Rather than working on each element of the college application process independently, HS2 Academy crafts a cohesive and intelligent strategy that leverages each student's strengths. We offer customized academic planning, supportive academic and life mentoring, standardized test preparation (SAT I, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams), as well as courses and tutoring for a wide range of academic subjects.

Since 2002, HS2 Academy has leveraged its expertise and program strengths to provide the best overall preparation for our students, who consistently gain admission to the top universities and colleges in the United States every year.

HS2 Academy has 9 centers throughout California and
has guided students in submitting more than 100,000 college applications since 2002.

Benefit From Our Collective Experience

A pioneer in the college consulting industry since 2002, HS2 Academy boasts a staff with decades of collective education experience. Our counselors benefit from prior experience as college admissions officers, high school guidance counselors and teachers, and former college interviewers, providing insider knowledge to give all our students an unrivaled edge.

Rather than relying on guesswork to determine your chances for admission, our counselors tap into thousands of case studies of students with similar backgrounds to yours, analyzing current and past data to make informed decisions that align with what highly selective universities seek in their incoming students.