Success Stories

HS2 Academy has helped countless students get accepted into the top colleges and universities in the United States, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Duke, Dartmouth, etc. Due to privacy requests from some students, we cannot advertise all our successes. Below you will find the testimonials of those who are open and honest about the help that they have received. They testify to the validity and effectiveness of our college counseling program and test prep classes!

Bryan Huang, Accepted to Northwestern University Early Decision

“Before meeting with my HS2 counselor, I was extremely low in confidence and had no idea what next step to take. I was very anxious about not getting into any good colleges. Luckily, I had the HS2 counseling team supporting me when I needed help, offering me innovative ideas for a better college application. People at HS2 are so friendly and motivating, always easing my stress by being cool and effective. In short, I have had a really great time with HS2, one that I will always find memorable. With help from HS2, I completed and received my acceptance for Northwestern University by Early Decision. HS2 has helped me gain a huge amount of self-confidence, both socially and academically, and I will never again doubt myself. I always remind myself that HS2 has trained me well. Thank you HS2!”

B.S., Accepted to Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Caltech, MIT, UCLA, SAT I = 2360

“Thank you HS2 for ALL the time you’ve put in to help me get into the colleges I’ve always dreamed of. My counselor at HS2 has kept me organized, aware of deadlines, and helped me display my full potential to the top colleges I’ve applied to. Without her help I would be nowhere near where I am today. Go HS2!”

J.D., accepted to yale university

“Yes, you guys get TWO thumbs up. Everyone at HS2 was extremely helpful, helping me with my essays even until 1:00 in the morning (Thanks Terri Ann, sorry for those late-night meetings!) Even though Terri Ann was my assigned counselor, several other counselors helped with my essays. The care and time that they put into reading my essays was simply astounding. The counselors really cared about my future, making sure that the colleges I applied to were the best choice for me. But they were accommodating towards my opinions on my essays also, allowing me to keep certain parts of my essays that I had wanted. Thank you, HS2!”

Larry Fan, Accepted to Wharton Business School (U Penn) Early Decision, SAT I = 2300

“HS2 has helped me accomplish things that I could only dream of 2 years ago. It is an absolute lifesaver. I joined HS2 during the end of my sophomore year through the 3-in-1 program, which allowed me to not only benefit from the counseling, but also take SAT classes and enroll in an unlimited number of SAT II prep classes and AP prep classes. The teachers here helped me raise my SAT score from 1900 to 2300 through the summer SAT course, and at the same time, HS2’s Math IIC course helped me earn an 800 as well as a 760 on SAT II US History.  The counselors here are very knowledgeable and dedicated. Through my counselor, I was able to take the best courses at my high school, attend a summer program at my dream school, perfect my college application and essays, and prepare for interviews. All in all, HS2 helped shape me to become an attractive candidate for prestigious universities. My dream school, the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, recently admitted me. I could not have accomplished this feat without the help of all the counselors, teachers, and staff at HS2.”

Brian Kim, 2011

“I have come to realize that HS2 is not just an academy; it’s a refuge for those longing for relief, longing for friendship, even longing for a home. HS2 not only enriched my knowledge of all fields, but also sculpted my future, expanded my communication skills, and most importantly, enhanced my self-identity. My SAT and ACT scores SPROUTED and my GPA reached numbers I’ve never thought possible. Teachers at HS2 made me realize that studying wasn’t all about competition and pain, but rather about the fun of gaining new skills in different fields. HarvardSquare2 was my sword and shield; without it, my accepted list would be pretty lonesome.”

carolyn kim, 2011

“I would not have been able to accomplish this much thus far without the support and guidance of HS2. I am completely appreciative and grateful for all the encouragement and assistance I have received from my counselor. She really has done great wonders for me, considering how I had high doubts in terms of getting into college. I can honestly admit how worried and agitated I was from the strenuous work of college applications that was to come as I entered my senior year of high school. But with the help from the amazing staff here at HS2, I did it! I received news about HS2 from a college fair that was held in Fullerton and had doubts at first–thinking I would do fine without the help of a college counselor. Yet, I am seriously glad I decided to stick through with it. I got accepted into more colleges than I ever expected, and I am leaving HS2 with feelings of satisfaction and confidence for the future.”

Parent Testimony, april 2011

Thanks HS2 Academy for helping my child get into the ideal colleges and helping us achieve our goals as parents in coming to America.  My child attends Troy and had straight As, so we believed a college advising service was not necessary for us since he should have no problem getting into a top notch college on his own. Furthermore, there are many such college counseling services that seem exaggerated and fake, so we had a negative image.

However, three years ago, after hearing Ann Lee’s and Ms. Chiang’s Tuesday radio show introducing current college admissions situation, I realized that my initial ideas were not up to date. It seems that top notch colleges have very high expectations for extracurricular activities, especially for Asian students. After visiting many different college advising institutions, we were touched by Ann Lee’s and Ms. Chiang extensive knowledge and sincere desire to help students. 

In the past three years, under Ann Lee’s passionate guidance, my child not only fully understood the key to getting to a top college; but also gained much personal development, clarity in his future educational pursuits, and a deep understanding of society. During this period, he also completed 200 volunteer hours at a hospital, service to the community, and developed his leadership skills and talents (created and produced his own music CD). He even took initiative to seek internship opportunities which landed positions at three top universities throughout three summers. During this process, he learned many valuable skills; taking opportunities into his own hands, writing his personal statement, gaining interview skills, and how to market himself. Most importantly, he nurtured his inner spirit to help society. These foundational skills and ethics will give him a fruitful future. HS2 Academy is not only a necessity for academic guidance, but also serves as a communication bridge between students and parents. Parents’ opinions and advice may better reach their children with the help of counselors, especially during the rebellious teenage years of a child.

Even though I am happy that my child has entered an ideal college, I cannot help but feel regret for other parents. Many students of similar educational caliber and family background were only able to enter UC Berkeley or like-level colleges because they did not seek professional college admissions counseling. One can say that this is unfair to the students who do not have college admissions counselors; but then again, what parent would not want to give the best to their children?  I want to thank HS2 Academy again for their active guidance and my wife’s support, resulting in a change in my original stubborn ideas. 

– Father of HS2 Student, April 11, 2011 




哈佛全方位帮助我小孩入了理想的大学, 也帮助我作家的完成了人生和来美国的一个重要目.

小孩成从小学至Troy高中一直全A, 比自己念经验觉得他进入名牌大学没有问题, 所以为升学问不适合于我们. 并且因有些升学顾问在媒体作夸大和不的广告而面印象.

哈佛全方位的ANN LEE和姜主任在3年前每周二在台介目前大学入学的情况,我才被惊醒,发现原来自己的想法完全已经不适合现状了. 现在的名牌大学更注重学生的全面发展,是对华裔学生在学以外有更高的要求. 我们带着小孩与多家升学顾问交, ANN LEE和姜主任的座的知, 划能力和真心帮助学生的诚恳了我们.

去的三年中, ANN LEE的精心指,我小孩不但在升学路上很快进入状况,并且对人格的发展,人生的规划和对社会的认知都有了跨越式进步. 他完成了200多小时的医院, 特殊的社区活动,导和才(作和制作自己音CD). 并且在三年中自己INTERN的机会,在三所知名大学作了暑期的研究实习. 在此过程中,他学会了如何寻找机会,如何教授写自, 和行自己, 更重要的是养成为社会服的习惯和精神. 这些基本技能和度将给他今后带来丰富人生享用一. 升学顾问不但是其学业规划不可或缺的, 也成为学生的好朋友,及家长和小孩之间一座沟通的. 对青春期孩子的叛逆和寻求自我个性, 家长的意可以通过升学顾问更有效地传达到.

然我们的小孩利地进入理想的大学,但回想起来我仍然有些后怕, 因为和他同学业优异和优良家庭背景的同学,因为没有业的升学顾问的指导,只进入了加大的BERKELEY大学. 从某种意义上讲,对没有升学顾问的学生是不公平的,但是世界就是这样的, 为人父母的不想把最好的给自己的小孩, 有什么比第一流的教育更重要的呢?

我要再次感谢哈佛全方位的宣导和我太太, 及时改了我这个. 在此分享作父亲的经验, 以作前总结为三个不行