All of the high schools provide counselors, too. Will they help the students to apply
 to good colleges?

The average high school’s student counselor is responsible for 400 to 500 students. They do not have the time and energy to carefully consider each person’s individual case and needs. Moreover, the primary mission of a high school’s student counselor is to make sure that these students graduate from high school and do not stain the good reputation of the school. For this reason, school counselors may not be able to provide the specialized information and guidance necessary to get into the top schools of the United States. Can parents be their children’s college application counselors? Parents love and care for their children, but they are biased and for the most part they do not have the specialized knowledge that is needed to apply for the top universities. Under some conditions, instructions from parents about the application process may even be incorrect and lead to difficulties for both parent and child. It is also common for young people and parents to disagree about an issue or to suffer from miscommunication. A high school consultant may not catch those problems or might not have the opportunity to help with those sorts of issues. How early should college application counseling start? The college application process DOES NOT only refer to the few weeks before the college application deadlines. From the moment a student enters high school, everything they do—or fail to do—affects their likelihood of making it into a good college. Generally speaking, the college application counseling process should begin when a student is in the 8th grade. This allows the counselor to plan the student’s entire four years of high school and to guide the student from the very beginning of the college application process. The college counselors at HS2 Academy are also able to guide students that are recent immigrants to the United States toward the schools of their dreams. Students that are aiming for medical colleges and the famous Ivy League schools should definitely start college counseling as soon as possible.

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