What do College Application Counselors do?

A College Application Counselor provides students with the personal training needed to enter their ideal universities. Counselors assist each student to ensure that their academic studies are complete and to develop academic enthusiasm. A College Application Counselor leads a student through the university application process at each important stage. Counselors work with students to develop daily time-management skills, study skill training, a four-year high school strategy to choose the classes that will achieve the highest GPA, and an extra-curricular activity and community service plan. During the summer, students will take classes for SAT practice and advanced academic courses. College Counselors oversee the SAT I and SAT II plans and oversee the applications for the precise university schools that match a student’s goals. They also work with the student to compose a splendid individual profile that will attract the interest of the university application officers. In short, counselors work with students to develop their short and long-term education and career paths, and they provide the support necessary to follow those paths. The main prize of the college application package is the face-to-face discussion, including a monthly conference, as well as the ability to immediately consult with your counselor via email or telephone. Not only does the counselor guide the student through each step of the university application process, but he or she also provides complete support and serves as a model of learning for the student.

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