Why do a lot of students have good grades in elementary and middle schools but suddenly drop their grades when they are in high school?

Elementary schools and middle schools have basic curriculums. Many students may not need to work hard to get good grades; some can obtain good results with simple cleverness. Sometimes an “easy ride” through elementary school leads to bad study habits that have negative consequences during high school when the curriculum becomes much more difficult. Moreover, social activity can make it difficult to maintain good grades by diligently finishing one’s homework, studying carefully, and reading every day. Aside from the importance of good study habits, it’s also important to remember that school gets harder as students get older. If your or your child’s grades drop suddenly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve suddenly stopped working hard. It might simple mean that they need a little extra help in a particular subject. Harvard Square2 Academy provides a supportive educational environment to promote good study habits, as well as private tutoring and classes to help you or your child through any subject.

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