Why do students need to hire private college application counselors?

Applying for college is a long and tedious process. Both parents and students are under an enormous amount of pressure, and there are many complicated steps that need to be completed. Sometimes this can lead to disputes and misunderstandings that might impede the student’s growth and success. This is when a private college application counselor enters the picture. The counselors at Harvard Square2 Academy have specialized knowledge about the college application process and provide a personal touch that will help students stand out from the thousands of other applicants. Harvard Square2 Academy counselors guide students throughout the entire college application process because our system is not just about filling out forms before the deadline approaches. The modern college application process is so much more complicated than that. Each student has a unique background and goals. Our college counselors believe in getting to know each of their students so that they can provide the best counseling service, and our counselors are a positive influence on their students. College counselors help to plan course loads, summer schedules and activities, extra-curricular activities, and much more. They guide their students through the actual application process, from application forms to personal statement essays.

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