HS2 Academy

HS2 Academy

HS2 Academy is the leading institution in preparing students for their professional careers. Founded by a Harvard graduate in 2002, HS2 Academy espouses the belief that a supportive and challenging environment can help students achieve their goals.

With branches in both Northern and Southern California and serving students across the world with its unparalleled teaching and counseling programs, HS2 Academy utilizes an innovative approach in educating young minds by building upon almost two decades of education experience. Our highly trained instructors are experts in their respective subject matters and our professional counselors are experts in the admissions process.

Regardless of your background or level, HS2 Academy will provide you with the support you need through a network of peers and mentors devoted to your success. Through a comprehensive college preparatory program that includes a wide variety of test preparation and academic enrichment courses, coupled with our unmatched mentorship through our counseling program, HS2 Academy sends hundreds of students annually to the nation’s top colleges and universities.

HS2 Academy offers comprehensive programs for the college application process, including customized academic planning and supportive coaching, standardized test preparation (SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP) and one-on-one tutoring in class subjects. Our programs’ outstanding results demonstrate our success in maximizing students’ chances of getting into the best colleges in the United States. HS2 Academy also offers unparalleled counseling services to private high school and graduate school applicants.

– Operates 9 centers in California
– Helps online students all over the world
– Has processed more than 100,000 applications
– Receives over 100 Ivy League level acceptances every year
– Receives over 1,000 UC acceptances every year
– Students receive a total amount of over $10 million (US) in financial aid and scholarships every year
– Customer satisfaction rates over 97%