Why Do I Need A College Counselor?

Nationwide in 2018, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio in public high schools was 482-to-1. School counselors lack the time to get to know your student. A private college counselor can provide personalized advice about extracurriculars, classes, volunteering, summer programs, testing, college selection and all of the other important factors that go into positioning a student to present their strongest college application.

Great grades and test scores, alone, are no longer sufficient to get a student into top colleges. Most students have not achieved a national or international success which would make them stand out from the crowd. A private college counselor can assist a student with finding and pursuing their passion, then crafting a unique narrative that convinces colleges the student would be an asset to the freshman class.

U.S. News ranks over 1800 colleges. The Fiske Guide to Colleges writes up over 300 colleges. A private counselor can guide your student to colleges they may not have heard of but which would be that elusive “fit” for your student that ensures success.

Above all, a private college counselor provides reassurance so that you can sleep well at night.